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The proximity to nature makes the house of the world the perfect place for a peaceful stay.


Welcome to the home of the world

Located 20 minutes from the Peneda do Gerês national park, Casa do Mundo is located in a small and old village located in Póvoa de Lanhoso. The main building is characterized by its typical Minho style and a granary.
The outdoor space consists of a wonderful garden of about 1 hectare and a swimming pool.

We have prepared for you a spiritual retreat of 2 days, where you can enjoy the entire natural setting of the accommodation, to release the stress of day-to-day, through all the therapies we provide.

Discover the charm of nature

Two bedroom apartment

We have a wonderful 2 bedroom apartment with a bathroom and living room. If you wish you can book your dinner in our dining space.
We have a beautiful garden and vegetable garden with biological products of the season, to enjoy a peaceful walk or walk
The Casa do Mundo is equipped with a special room prepared for Yoga and meditation, which you can access upon reservation.

The house of the world is inserted in a natural context, as we do not have a television, and Wi-Fi is only available during the day, so you can relax and free yourself from the stress of everyday life. Here the air is pure and calm, where you can hear and feel nature in its highest splendor.

Once upon a time there was a free electron, which had some fixed ideas, and other lighter ideas ... In its ideas and intuitions that it followed, there were visible and invisible orientations, messages received and inner visions.

She filled her basket and then went on to conquer the world, or rather, experiment and heal karma, from Paris to New York, spending a little bit in Brazil and then the Antilles and finally Central America. The years passed and then a day, back to Europe, where she had made her first cry of incarnation.

In his basic basket there was: independence, courage, love for Mother Earth, not eating animals, enjoying the beauty of Life and despite all the obstacles, keep faith, gratitude, forgiveness and joy…

This was not always an easy journey, but, looking back, he saw that he had overcome the blocks and other fears of this life and other lives, he had also softened his character and understood Life a little more…

Then, with her basket full of more peace and a little wisdom, she arrives in Portugal. The place is called Casa do Mundo, it reflects a history, and it is open to everyone, and it is there that she invites you to come and share the silence, the birds, the river, and to enjoy some moments of Life in Unity.

The food is vegetarian, gourmet, scented, and you can have one or two rooms or a small apartment. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a guided meditation, or to receive personalized energy care, and each one will receive according to the energy of the moment ...

Fabiana, I had a help center when leaving tobacco with hypnosis. She is the author of a free Tous vegetariens demain, ed. Ibis Rouge, practices relaxation and guided meditations.

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